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Greg Proops Film Club: SERPICO

  • The Cinefamily 611 N Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA, 90036 (map)

SERPICO is one in a series of moral crusader movies about men who care too much. Typically a cop, detective, or journalist, the men of such movies find themselves in a corrupt and dangerous situation (or perhaps multiple), yet refuse to bend the rules or take the easy way out. In the case of SERPICO, just because everyone else on the NYC force takes bribes and skims money off the top doesn't mean Frank Serpico has to, as well. His commitment to morality and ethics means frustration, turmoil, and great loss. But he is a true heroe. That's the case for any character of this type. Other examples include: YEAR OF THE DRAGON; STRAW DOGS; OUTLAND; DRIVE; CALL NORTHSIDE 777. Join Greg Proops for a podcast and screening. SERPICO on 35mm! - SBP

More information and tickets available here.