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Heavy Midnites: HEAVY METAL

  • The Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theatre 611 N Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA, 90036 (map)

HEAVY METAL was the one tape at my local video store that I always felt too intimidated to rent. With box artwork akin to an Anne McCaffrey illustration gone to hell and come back ravenous for flesh, it seemed curiously up my alley and yet simultaneously very dangerous - not in the sense of the demonic, but rather as something fiercely, unapologetically original. I didn't know what to expect then and still don't have anything but a vague sense of what this upcoming HEAVY METAL screening may portend. I do feel that I can reasonably assume that at some point the music of heavy metal rock 'n' roll bands will manifest. That's about it. Either way, I am excited to confront the beast alongside others like myself on the 27th. I am, as it were, finally "ready to rock." - SBP

More information and tickets available here.