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Revival Event: CHELSEA GIRLS

  • REDCAT 631 W 2nd St Los Angeles, CA, 90012 (map)

Don't tell Paul Morrissey, but REDCAT and Los Angeles Filmforum are hosting a revival screening of his first feature near the end of the month. However, there's one curious catch - Morrissey's name is nowhere to be found within any of the revival screening's advertising. Morrissey has been historically shortchanged in this department - Warhol often credited and Morrissey's name left entirely unmentioned. I can certainly see how frustration - even resentment - might build over time. Whereas with some of the later "Warhol" productions Morrissey retains sole directorial credit and is more widely assigned his due (even though these works were alternately titled 'Andy Warhol's FRANKENSTEIN/DRACULA'), here he shares the title with the infamous pop art persona and so unwillingly disappears into the background. On a personal level, I wish that a greater number of folks were more keenly aware of Morrissey's directorial agency, but nonetheless the work speaks for itself. Morrissey is the director, Warhol the bystander (the shock-white head of hair whose name alone was enough to raise the capital). - SBP

More information and tickets available here.