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50th Anniversary: RED DESERT

  • American Cinematheque - Aero 1328 Montana Ave Santa Monica, CA, 90403 (map)

I haven't seen this Antonioni film, although I own a copy on the Criterion edition on Blu-Ray. The amount of unopened DVDs, Blu-Rays, and even VHS tapes on my shelf is rather embarrassing, but when an opportunity arises to see one of them presented on 35mm, it leaves me excited to seize the rare opportunity and thereafter see the experience as a catalyst for exploring all the commercial release has to offer in terms of transfer, booklet, audio commentary, special features, and more. I am looking forward to this one, although I don't know much more than this is Antonioni's first color film and Monica Vitti is hypnotizing. - SBP

More information and tickets available here.