Catching Up On CATCH MY SOUL / by Samuel B. Prime

Back in November 2015, CATCH MY SOUL (1974) was released on DVD / Blu-Ray via Etiquette Pictures, marking the first time that the film once popularly thought lost was now readily available and accessible on home video. The immediate critical reaction to the release was overwhelmingly positive, all that I hoped it would be, and the experience of visiting my local video store and seeing it prominently displayed was, if I may be frank, dizzying. Hundreds, if not thousands, of folks have discovered CATCH MY SOUL in the past months and it blows my mind. 

More recently, I was thrilled to learn that the film had been selected to screen at the place where my obsession with CATCH MY SOUL began, my alma mater Northwestern University's Block Cinema in late April 2016 as part of a larger citywide celebration of Shakespeare's timeless work. Shortly thereafter, I was a guest on comedian David Huntsberger's Space Cave podcast discussing CATCH MY SOUL, other esoteric and/or lost films, as well as film restoration in general. Finally, in late May 2016 I was interviewed for this thoughtful article on CATCH MY SOUL.

For 40 years, CATCH MY SOUL sat on a shelf, unseen by anyone, but now - if you so wish - it can be seen again.

Samuel B. Prime

Founder, LA Ciné Salon