Norma Jeane is Back in Town / by Samuel B. Prime


He called me "Ishmael." He was an Uber driver with an indeterminate accent. I was his reluctant passenger. Never had my name been Ishmael, but who was I to argue? If I had been Samuel since birth, surely I could be Ishmael for a mere afternoon. A contraption beeped on his dashboard. We were scheduled to pick up another passenger: someone named Michael. Michael telephoned. An older German man. Nervously, he instructed the driver that we were to pick up his girlfriend. "You can't miss her," he said and signed off. Michael, you cliché... 

A few blocks down the road and we didn't miss her, just like Michael said. She was a strawberry blonde, wearing a red summer dress and a matching headband. She was nineteen, brimming with energy, and eager to talk about astrology. That's when I hit record and soon after learned that this girl was the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe

Look out, Los Angeles. Norma Jeane is back in town. The stars are in her favor and her favor is with the stars. 

- Samuel B. Prime

Founder, LA Ciné Salon