CANDID & ANONYMOUS - 002 - The Fairytale / by Samuel B. Prime

At long last, and with welcome freshness, the second entry in the CANDID & ANONYMOUSseries is upon us. 

The second entry in the series comes from a man named Henry Hughes, an award-winning writer and filmmaker who recently left Los Angeles on a sprawling, eastward journey home to Massachusetts. Henry is pictured above.

Bio: "Henry Adam Hughes is a versatile homunculus living somewhere on the east coast. He is very famous."

The Fairytale

The world is my lounger,
harsh, uncomfortable
but solid all the way through.

You'll hold my head, and you'll hold my feet
and between these foci I'll spread like a broke Hoberman sphere;
contorted, entropied,
lost in the feverish wash of pre-verbal dreams,
of once-upon-a-times and one-days.

And as the background walla fades
and the sting of the alien gaze softens
what remains is us.
You, plainbow patterned and dirty,
aged years in months.
Me, Stasis incarnate,
invisible and silent.
sort of thing.

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