NEXTFEST 2015: DAY 3 @ Ace Hotel - Oops / by Samuel B. Prime

On Sunday, I wrote my second NEXTFEST 2015 dispatch, then slept the rest of the day because of dance-induced exhaustion. I also think I may have inadvertently fractured a bone in my index finger, which has been swollen ever since. I would give almost anything to know how this happened, as it eludes me, but for the moment I will pretend that my own body could not handle the fiercely coordinated hypermimia between myself and a Nastassja Kinski lookalike. With that said, I did not go to the Ace Hotel, did not see TURBO KID, and thus have nothing to offer for a third and final dispatch. For producer Ant Timpson's sake, I hope the screening was a smash success. 

- Samuel B. Prime

Founder, LA Ciné Salon