Guest: Laura Kittrell - "LGBTwenty Fifteen" / by Samuel B. Prime

Editor's Note: Laura Kittrell and I met back in August 2014 following a festival screening of LISTEN UP PHILIP. Our mutual film-loving friends introduced us at dinner and there was a near-immediate rapport. Two weeks later, we saw SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR, agreed it was hot garbage, and have been movie buddies ever since. She runs GIRLS ON GIRLS ON FILM, a blog dedicated to highlighting "lesbian(ish)" movies via capsule reviews. GOGOF, as I call it, is one of the best sites on the web. Here she contributes a Top 10 of the year's best gay gals.

- Samuel B. Prime, Founder

I wanted to assemble a top 10 list of 2015 movies I featured on my blog that included a not-totally-straight female character. And I didn't even have to resort to putting JENNY'S WEDDING on to fill up an empty space, which is probably the most significant sign of progress for the LGBT community in all of 2015 (no disrespect to SCOTUS).  

1 -- CAROL.  My favorite movie of 2015 also happens to be one that is relevant to this list.  Maybe you've heard of it. If the amount of bad lesbian movies I've watched in my lifetime were a sacrifice to the lesbian goddesses in order for CAROL to exist, it has been worth it. John Waters put it far better than I ever could when he said, "Maybe the only way to be transgressive these days is to be shockingly tasteful." 

2 -- THE DUKE OF BURGUNDY.  A moving (and often very funny, when it's not being totally heartbreaking) look at the work it takes to sustain a romantic relationship; this one between two women in a world devoid of men. Also, there are moths.

3 -- MAGIC MIKE XXL.  The most purely joyful experience to be had in a theater in 2015. And for a movie about male strippers, its hottest scene is one in which a fully clothed Jada Pinkett Smith and Elizabeth Banks make eyes at each other.

4 -- CLOUDS OF SILS MARIA.  Among many other things, Kristen Stewart is great at flirting with women on screen. And Juliette Binoche is great at flirting back. This may sound like a minor feat, but it's a huge part of what makes this movie so captivating.  

5 -- GIRLHOOD.  Less overtly queer than Celine Sciamma's other films, but seeing as so much of it is about reinvention, gender/sexuality lines start to get a little blurry in the third act. It also features the best use of Rihanna in a film to date (sorry, BATTLESHIP).  

6 -- THE FORBIDDEN ROOM.  Maddin on steroids. And the most tangentially lesbianic movie on this list, but when you throw everything but the kitchen sink into a movie, a gay lady or two is bound to end up in the mix.

7 -- WILD CANARIES.  A movie that isn't even remotely about sexuality, in which 3/4 of the main characters happen to be sexually fluid. The future is now! Maybe.

8 -- DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL.  What a confident movie. It has a character's dalliance with lesbianism coincide with her rock bottom but manages to avoid conflating the two, which is an awfully delicate high wire act to attempt.  

9 -- GRANDMA.  Between GRANDMA and TRANSPARENT, characters inspired by Eileen Myles really had a moment in 2015. And since this one involves Lily Tomlin at the height of her powers, we're all the better for it.

10 -- BREATHE.  Basically MY SUMMER OF LOVE if the two main characters in it never did anything about their sexual tension. But in a good way.

- Laura Kittrell