Lizzie Borden was a Free Bird / by Samuel B. Prime

Here marks the start of a very loose and almost certainly infrequent series on LA Ciné Salon called 'Video Laboratory.' Exactly as the name suggests, these are little mutant video experiments constructed precisely because nobody else is mad enough to dream of a world in which they exist. They are dumb, but also beautiful. 

The first entry in Video Laboratory is a minor re-edit of the 1975 TV-movie THE LEGEND OF LIZZIE BORDEN. The video in question only covers the final six minutes of the film, which otherwise operates like a hundred-year-old episode of Law & Order. The film is rather dry and serious, but one slight change renders it quite the contrary.

I have been spending more and more time toodling around in Final Cut Pro these days, so who knows what will follow this? Anything goes in the Video Laboratory, but not all experiments turn out precisely as planned. Enjoy!

- Samuel B. Prime

Founder, LA Ciné Salon