Continuing Attractions / by Samuel B. Prime


Did you regrettably miss out on any the first three features made available in the Screening Room?

Well, good news! Thanks to the generosity of each of the respective filmmakers, their features continue to be available here on the site for the foreseeable future. As always, the films are absolutely 100% free to stream. All that we (and they) ask is that if you truly dig a film, you let others know about it and where to find it, whether by word of mouth, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Good films do deserve to be seen and cinema is about sharing stories.

Watch Ian Clark's MMXIII (2013) and read the accompanying essay at the following link: Screening Room: 1. 

Watch Brandon Colvin's FRAMES (2012) and read the accompanying essay at this link: Screening Room: 2

Watch Dan Kapelovitz's TRIPLE FISHER (2012) and read the accompanying essay here: Screening Room: 3

- Samuel B. Prime

Founder, LA Ciné Salon