Coming Spring 2016 - 2 Books on Z Channel! / by Samuel B. Prime


Exciting news! Announced today via The Critical Press, I will be writing and editing two books on Z Channel, the highly influential Los Angeles-based pay cable station that from 1974 - 1989 championed director's cuts, popularized proper widescreen aspect ratios through letterboxing, and gave a second life to spectacular, challenging, yet uncommercial films such as HEAVEN'S GATE, SALVADOR, and SOME CALL IT LOVING.

Both books are scheduled for a Spring 2016 release! The first book, THE UNCOMMON DENOMINATOR: THE FIFTEEN-YEAR RISE AND FALL OF Z CHANNEL, will be a hybrid, conversational pop/oral history featuring the voices of filmmakers, critics, employees, enthusiasts, and more for whom Z was a singular film programming institution. The second book, Z LIVES: A REVOLUTION IN MOVIES, will be written by film critic (and former Z Channel head writer) F.X. Feeney, edited by myself, and will comprise a collection of his critical writings and memorable anecdotes before, during, and after his involvement in Z's daily operation, approx. 1980 - 1989.

More updates will come soon about both Z Channel books, but for now I best get back to writing and editing!

- Samuel B. Prime

Founder, LA Ciné Salon