About LA Ciné Salon

LA Ciné Salon is an online + real life meeting place for earnest and like-minded LA cinephiles and industry pros.

Original essays, contemporary LA area film reviews, video experiments, occasional nonsense, free-to-stream shorts and features, guest posts, & ostensibly a whole lot more.

Born out of a desire to foster collaboration between LA-based film folk, LA Ciné Salon is about appreciating films on their own terms, helping people navigate LA's rich repertory landscape, and connecting talented people from all corners of the industry with their counterparts.


Samuel B. Prime, Founder (pictured above): Samuel is a film advocate, motion picture archivist, writer, and producer who has helmed high-profile events for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and UCLA's Melnitz Movies. He has a B.S. in Theatre and Film from Northwestern University and a M.A. in Moving Image Archive Studies from UCLA. He deeply admires Dick Cavett and his all-time favorite Sonny Chiba movie is Kazuhiko Yamaguchi's WOLFGUY: ENRAGED LYCANTHROPE ('75).